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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really get unlimited calls at a fixed cost?

YES, your phone bill will be the same every month. There are NO HIDDEN charges or fees. You will receive your monthly fixed bill before the 1st of every month.

How is it possible to have unlimited phone lines?

We are able to route an unlimited number of phone calls with our specialized software/servers in conjunction with the internet. It really boils down to how many calls you can answer. With our reporting, you will quickly learn where and how many phones and point of sale terminals you will need to effectively handle your increased call volume.

What about our current phone numbers?

YOU WILL KEEP YOUR CURRENT PHONE NUMBERS, as we are a phone company. We will simply port your current phone number over to our service.

How long does it take to get installed?

From the day that you decide to use our phone service, the entire process will take only a few days. We customize your system to work for you. We ship it right to your door step and have step-by-step directions to setting it up. It is plug and play.

Do I need a dedicated internet connection for the phone service?

While there are some clients who do choose to install a dedicated/secondary internet connection, it is not necessary. We do however need to verify, before installation, that your current internet connection has sufficient bandwidth to handle the VoIP technology.

I don't think I am really getting that many busy signals, how will it change things?

Well, most of our customers thought this as well. Unfortunately you don’t know how many you’re are losing. On average, we have found that at peak times, the average location will get a busy signal 16-22% of the time. This could result in 50 busy signals in an hour. How much does each of your orders make you again?

How is the call quality?

When VoIP or internet calling first became popular the call quality was indeed an issue. With UT&T’s technology combined with broadband internet service, there is no difference in quality or service from what you have now with your standard phone lines.

What makes you different than anyone else?

We use only the best equipment, phones and technology to insure that you receive the highest possible service.

How long does it take to "Port" my telephone number?

The key component to that is the time it will take for your current carrier to release your phone number. It usually takes 7-10 business days.

Will my customers be affected during the change?

NO. Your customers will continue to call your number like they always have. The process is smooth and they will never know the difference through the process. Except.....NO BUSY SIGNALS!

How is your customer service?

To us customer service is everything. We feel that we are a customer service company that offers phone service.

ONE Fixed Low Price
$289* per month

No Contracts, Ever.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our product, please let us know!


ONE Fixed Low Price
$Call Us* per month

You Can Keep Your Number!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our product, please let us know!