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Customer Knowledge Base

At UT&T we know how some phone companies make things difficult.

That is why we have createrd this knowledge base to help you answer questions you may have.

Use this knowledge base as a resource to help you answer any questions you may have. The number below will help you reach tech support 24/7.

Emergency Phone/Service Issues:

This contact information should be used for anyone where their phone equipment or service is no longer functioning:

Toll Free Phone Number (855) 397-3258

Or by Email

Knowledge Base

I have my phone system. How do I hook it up?

On the outside of the box your system came in is a clear envelope with a "Quick Start Guide". This has step-by-step directions on how to setup your system. If you are having any issues please call (517) 544-0799 Ext 3.

I have my system plugged in but the lights are orange

We ship your system disabled for security purposes. Please call (517) 544-0799 Ext "4" to schedule a time to finalize your system start up.

I am having problems dialing out

With our phone service you always have to dial 1+area code+number if your dialing the guy across the street or accross the country. I.E. 1-555-555-1212. Check your number and call again.

All of my lights are orange

Have you called to start your system?
Check to make sure your internet is still working at your location.
See if you can open a web browser or reset your modem.

Half of my buttons are orange

You are having a internet issue but our redundancy is insuring that your phones are still ringing.

One of my phones are not ringing

Check the far right button under the display. If it displays "-DND" then someone has set the phone not to ring.
Press the far right button under the display and it will then read "DND" and your phone will ring again.

At the top of my phone there is a red bar light up

This means that you have voicemail. Press the button that looks like a letter and enter your password at the prompt.

How do I disable the other phones from ringing as I am the only person here to answer the phones?

Under the display is four soft buttons. The far right one is for "DND". Do Not Disturb. Press this button and the phone will be considered busy and will not ring.
REMEMBER - You must press the button again for the phones to ring. Make sure you do this at the end of your shift or day.

I can't call anyone international

We disable all international calling. If you are interested in making international calls you must call customer service and have this ooption added to your service plan.

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